Inauguration EP

by Ever Rest

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released June 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Ever Rest Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Inauguration
This all I have! This I all weve got
A few words and a loosely tied noose
shaped knot
But your words speak to me
Your sound sets me free
There's something about you and me!
This is all we've got, this is all We ever knew, and trust me, I won't be letting you ,
Take my pride or tell why
I'm gonna do whateva I like !

So let us live!
What would you give
For a dream and swing at a life
The chance to live and survive

Where do we go!

We've seen the darkest roads
Hoped the biggest outcomes
But haven't seen light in tunnel, yet
We're still reaching for truest sound son,
Hoping for the best, day at a time,
Music for a reason, stuck in my mind,
Everyone around, including myself has a lot of things bottled up and kept inside
But you gotta follow the path
Step by step, the direction of your heart
More than few doubt the start, so it's time to remember that it ain't that hard
To Start to look at your life and realise the worst
And become the first,
To Grow up break free rid of this hearse
Trapped in our own world trapped in a curse

This is all we neeed
So Lets create a mural
A story to keep the peace
These words seem crucial
This is all we've got
Our life to share
Heres the mural wall
all the reasons we care!

Friendship and good times
Nothing to fear and nothing to hide
What this means to us can't be described
So stand together and scream this line..

We live for this
We live for this
Track Name: Collisions
I know of a place, where dreams go to die, my mind cant escape and but i feel alive

as cold days fly by
we cry to the morning sky

Truth be told
Its Day of disclosure
Day of disclosure!
We are not alone
Today or tomorrow
It's to let the people know

What the world turn inside out
And all your loved ones left on the ground
in a.
Faceless world,
broken and cold A place I won't ever call home,
Over run, and over grown
With a taste of the familiar yet a fear of unknown..

Ive seen a million faces pass me by
And only the odd few wonder why

Fuck the authority
We're the minority

We've seen your type before
Over over we came to adore
We've seen your type before

It's fucking time to end this war!
You are a fucking disgrace
Track Name: Resolve
Who are you to try and take
Control of peoples faith
Had it up to here with you
Remember the world we knew
We bleed this through and through
The god we love and ones that keep it true.

We follow the books of our ancestors
A book you distorted made people follow your orders.
We follow the books of our ancestors.

Here we read upon words never spoken or sung
The revolution of the world
Starts with one


Blinding lies
Look at all these hearts you despise
Not the words but that look in your eyes
All these blinding lies x2

Is this your reasoning
A few pages and a fucking christening
Ill pack my back my bag go
Saw what you had to show
But still you try to justify a
Changing the way i live my life.

Track Name: Harbinger
"Faith is a gift I am yet to receive"
But will my angst, ruin my peace
, bring me to my knees,
All this pain in side,
and blood on my hands
Call it what you want,
but you wont Understand
I hold these words back,
a million times through,
Leave me the fuck alone or they are aimed at you,
I did my crime, we paid our time
Why do we decide it's time to fly

As we collide we throw ourselves around, battered beaten and torn face first through the ground

Why don't we remember, what we've seen, where we've been.. and I don't understand a single thing, a single thing

"Can't you hear the words coming out of your mouth, or speaking something something you never thought about,
Loaded with a filfthy tongue, wishing for nothing but a real fucking gun"
Breathe in, and out, no doubt, stay true,
All the little things to get me through," but what have you become
Was all this worth the run.. "

All aboard the harbinger, a journey to rediscover
Are you who you want be
Take my hand and let me believe
Track Name: Reckoning
My mind is racing.
I keep on pacing
These streets are facing
Me at my worst
Savior has come
Savior has gone
Reckoning it won't take long x2
Give me them words
I could eat them all
Few more lies
Build up the wall
I can't see it's so goddamn high!
Or is that just me, I am that guy!

I'll take what I deserve. What I deserve is to be heard so shut your mouth it's time to hear me out!
There always another way
There always another day
Are you here to stay?

If you don't wanna be lost and alone
Take a step down off your throne

We've see better days
You lead me astray
Are you here to stay?
Because we've seen better days.

I just . I just wanna know
Do i have to unleash the animal?
What's the fresh smell in the air?
Yeah the moment I ripped at your hair
come on show me what you worth
Your not the last, your weren't the first
Give me the night of my life
Watch me fucking prove I'm right

Do you want me in the ground
Do i get an answer now
look what you've done to me,
is this song good enough for thee

After all i said and done, we run
If there's one thing left to say, ill stay
if there's one thing left to say, its were okay.

we cant turn back time.